#1 Trusted Neck Float

Movement is Happiness

❤️ by Parents & Early Development Experts

Transparent Design

Makes Bath Time Their Favorite Activity!

Fill your tub with giggles & watch your baby discover the joy of unrestricted movement with the help of buoyant, soothing warm water.

Delivers Delightful, Unexpected Bonuses For Mom & Dad:

❤︎ Tires out baby for better sleep

❤︎ Soothes fussiness

❤︎ Stimulates their appetite

❤︎ Frees your hands for easier bathing

❤︎ Allows you to interact & bond

Maximizes Developmental Benefits

When babies see their hands & feet moving, they start to grasp cause & effect. They’ll be inspired to reach for toys, move their arms to splash & kick to explore the tub – all while building strength & coordination! You’ll be amazed to see them reach motor milestones like rolling over & aquatic crawling in this gravity-reduced environment.

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What About the Neck?

Science explains why baby’s proportionally big head & fatty body composition mean virtually no weight or strain is placed on the neck when floating in Otteroo.

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