#1 Trusted Neck Float

Movement is Happiness

❤️ by Parents & Early Development Experts

Transparent Design

Make Bath Time Their Favorite Activity!

Fill your tub with giggles & watch your baby discover the joy of unrestricted movement with the help of buoyant, soothing warm water.

Can Your Current Bath Time Do This?!

Otteroo delivers delightful, unexpected bonuses for mom & dad: 

❤︎ Tires out baby for better sleep

❤︎ Soothes fussiness

❤︎ Stimulates their appetite

❤︎ Frees your hands for easier bathing

❤︎ Allows you to interact & bond

Transparent Design to Maximize Developmental Benefits

When babies see their hands & feet moving, they start to grasp cause & effect. They’ll be inspired to reach for toys, move their arms to splash & kick to explore the tub – all while building strength & coordination! You’ll be amazed to see them reach motor milestones like rolling over & aquatic crawling in this gravity-reduced environment.

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What About the Neck?

Science explains why baby’s proportionally big head & fatty body composition mean virtually no weight or strain is placed on the neck when floating in Otteroo.

A Life-Changer for Babies With Special Needs