Baby in Otteroo Lumi Neck Float


The baby neck float trusted by parents, loved by babies

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Lumi, our new baby neck float, features a ClearViewTM design that allows babies to see their hands and feet as they bounce, splash and twirl!

Baby in Otteroo Lumi neck float in pool


“It was SUCH a fun summer with this little fishy, and I couldn’t be happier we used Otteroo. He loved being independent and quickly learned that his every motion had a consequence. He was kicking to swim in circles in no time!”


Baby in Otteroo Lumi neck float in bath


“Penelope has had a rough, cranky day but as soon as we put her in the Otteroo she was nothing but smiles! It was so fun seeing her splash around and kick her way up and down the tub. HIGHLY recommend this to all mommas with little ones!”


Baby Otteroo Lumi neck float in bath

Bath Simplified

“Mommas! This is a must have! We struggled with bath time because she always got so cold or I had to hold her. We got the Otteroo in the mail and used it tonight…LIFE CHANGER! She was kicking all around and so happy and warm!”


Two babies in Otteroo Classic neck float in pool

The Ultimate
Baby Workout

Otteroo leverages water’s buoyancy to help your baby build strength and coordination

See how Otteroo is bringing joy to babies with special needs and changing the game of pediatric aquatic therapy.