The 3 P's of Bath Safety

Drowning prevention is a topic near and dear to Otteroo.

We all know not to leave a child unattended in or near water, but life is full of mini distractions that take “just a second” of your attention. 

While we can’t stop life from happening, we believe the framework below makes bath safety easier to put into practice for busy parents.


Set yourself up for success, not stress. 

  • Gather all the items you need for before AND after bathtime, and keep them nearby so you can reach them without leaving the side of the tub (i.e. towels, washcloth, shampoo, etc.). 
  • Have a plan, especially if you are bathing multiple kids at the same time. Figure out how you are getting them out so no one is left unattended in the water. Keep the bathroom door closed so the older child doesn’t leave the room, requiring you to go after them.
  • Don’t have anything you need to immediately attend to, like turning off a stove. 


Set aside all distractions.

  • Pick a timeframe for which you know you can fully be present, whether it’s 10 minutes or 40 minutes.
  • Turn off your phone, block off your schedule…and know that you will have to let things go if they come up, like a ringing doorbell or barking dog. 
  • If needed, give yourself a little time pre-bath to get into a calm space. 


Set realistic expectations.

  • Decide if it’s reasonable from a time and effort standpoint to get your little one(s) into the water. 
  • Ask yourself, do I really have the energy, the headspace, and more importantly the time to draw a bath? 
  • If you’d rather (or NEED to) be doing anything else, please show yourself grace. No one will know your baby hasn’t been bathed for several days!

⚠️ Please Always Remember

Stepping Away for “Just a Second” Is One Second Too Long