How It Works

Evidence-Based Benefits

From lowering stress to accelerating motor development, many studies show that spending time in water is SOOO good for babies!

A Soothing Experience

Just like drawing a bath or floating in a pool is relaxing for you, spending time in the water lowers your baby’s cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

 New Environment Full of New Stimuli

Studies have shown that this new environment creates opportunities for enriched bonding time between baby and parent. Exploring the water with you as their home base offers your baby many new exciting experiences - new smells, sounds, sights and feels.

Aquaticity - Practice in Water Translates to Moving on Land

Practicing movements in water, where gravity is reduced, is much easier for your baby. This lets them build/strengthen their head-eye and eye-hand coordination, and even experience self-produced locomotion far earlier than possible on land.

⚠️ Important Water Safety Reminders

  • Please, ALWAYS stay within arm’s reach of your baby while they’re in the Otteroo.
  • Ultimately, like any inflatable, Otteroo won’t hold its shape if a leak develops and your baby can slip through. So, be sure you’re ALWAYS watching them and can grab them quickly if it becomes necessary!

For additional information and videos, please check out our instructions and FAQs.