Otteroo Time For Better Sleep? These Parents Think So!

Otteroo Time For Better Sleep? These Parents Think So!

Disclaimer: Customer stories and testimonials on this page may speak to a customer’s individual experience with the Otteroo and their child’s impairment. These stories and testimonials may not reflect all Otteroo experiences. The Otteroo is intended to provide buoyancy to promote free movement in the water to support natural development and is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease or condition.

Parents are always telling us how their baby sleeps so well after using the Otteroo. My own nephew slept his first seven hour stretch when he used the Otteroo for the first time at about 2.5 months old. So we wanted to share some of these fun (and of course super cute) posts!

A Great Little Workout for Baby Leo

"We tried the Otteroo for the first time last night on our little guy. It’s pretty obvious how much he loved it … look at that smile! He had so much fun and got a great little workout in. AND mommy and daddy got a little extra sleep last night because Leo was so sleepy after!" –Stephanie S.

So Relaxing Every Night for Baby Leia

“Most fun baby product ever – we’re in love! Baby Leia here finds it so relaxing every night at bath time – it wears her out and she sleeps so good! Wish I had one for all my kids when they were babies – it’s wonderful in the bathtub, swimming pool and lake! Thanks, Otteroo!" –Rachel D.

Baby Porter Is Always Ready for a Nap Right After

"Porter loves this and so do I. Not only does it give my arms a break from holding her, it is fun for her, and she wears herself out by playing so much and kicking off the side of the tub she is always ready for a nap right after." –Angela S.

Helps Baby Jack Almost Sleep Through the Night

“Jack loves his Otteroo! He typically uses it four times a week! Helps him nap and almost sleep through the night!” –Desiree E.

Baby Grey Tired Himself Out

“Grey’s first bath with Otteroo Baby! He LOVED it! Once he realized he could push himself around the tub with his feet, he was kicking and cooing and splashing away. After about 15 minutes he tired himself out and fell immediately asleep.” –Jennifer F.

Baby Luna Immediately Fell Asleep

“Tried the Otteroo in the bath tub for the first time today. After I got her out and dried her off, she immediately fell asleep on her tummy (also for the first time) before I even put her clothes on.” –Ashley M.

As parents, we can probably all relate to sleep deprivation and there certainly isn’t just one method that works for all kids when it comes to making sure they (and therefore, we) get enough sleep! Amazingly, our Otteroo mom Julie Plus 4 got all four of her kids to sleep through the night by 12 weeks and shares additional tips that you may find helpful.

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