Aunt of Premature Newborn: 'It Was a Struggle to Find a Good Bath'

Aunt of Premature Newborn: 'It Was a Struggle to Find a Good Bath'

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Did you know that Otteroo founder, Tiffany Chiu, was inspired by her niece and nephew to create the Otteroo? All our employees are either loving mothers or aunts, or both! So, we love to hear from aunts about their cherished nieces and nephews. We spoke to Rachel Ivil about her nephew Hunter, who entered this world early at just 24 weeks.

As a preemie, what challenges have you and your sister had with bath time?

When he first came home, we tried a few different things. We tried the lotus flower that sits in the sink, but he just kept sinking cause he was still really small; about 5 pounds when he came home. He would sink to the bottom of that and he was too small for a traditional baby bathtub. We also found that he was kind of getting cold if he wasn't submerged the whole time. So, it was a struggle to find a good bath. Plus, his oxygen cord is a little bit of a pain. You can't get it wet while he's in the tub. So, I was so excited when I found the Otteroo and that's been working ever since. It keeps his head above water and it keeps his oxygen line out of the water, as well. But he still gets all the freedom to move, like kicking and playing.

How did Hunter react the first time he was in the Otteroo?  

He loved it! I think he loved being able to kick his limbs and he was still small enough where his bum wasn't sitting on the tub, so he could kind of go back and forth around the tub. He was really excited to have that freedom and mobility inside the tub.

Now that he's 13 pounds are you still using it?

Yeah, he still loves to use it. He loves it now because his seat will touch so he can kind of maneuver himself back and forth across the tub. He loves to kick and splash. He loves to get everybody wet while he's taking his bath. I think he loves the freedom of it. He doesn't have to be held, he's so used to being constrained. I think he loves to jump around and do what he wants.

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