Go-to Gift Guide for Baby Showers

Go-to Gift Guide for Baby Showers

There comes a time in your life when you’re being invited to a baby shower every other month. Don’t stress about what to give! Here are some great, easy ideas.

1. Emergency Pack

Put together a package of all things a new mother will need, but doesn’t know she’ll need: infant acetaminophen and ibuprofen, gripe water, gas relief drops, infant nasal spray, a booger squeezer (or for the truly brave, a NoseFrida), infant cotton swabs, a baby swaddle (Woombie is my favorite!) and Band-aids. You could also include some things for mom: lanolin nipple cream, Tucks pads, and batteries. This is one of those gifts that won’t get you all of the glory at the shower, but at 3 a.m. when the baby wakes with his first fever, a clogged nose, and dead batteries in the swing, your friend will think you’re an angel.

2. Otteroo

Give the gift of water play. With the Otteroo, babies can start playing and splashing in the tub at 8 weeks of age and 9 pounds. That newest baby in your life will develop a love of water while they are working on motor development. And your friend will be impressed that you’re in the know about the hottest new gifts on the market.

3. Baby Mittens

When I received these at my baby shower, I was so confused. I wondered why my friend would give baby mittens to me when my baby was going to be born in warm spring months. As soon as my days-old baby started scratching his face with those razor-sharp fingernails, I quickly figured it out. (If you’ve never cut an infant’s fingernails before, this is a terrifying procedure that results in a crying baby, bloody baby fingers, and subsequently, crying parents.)

4. Zippered Footed Sleepers

For the practical friend who wants a one-stop outfit for those lazy days.

Get the zipper ones. Snaps are for frenemies.

5. Reusable Food Pouch

It won’t be long before that baby starts trying solids, and your friend learns just how expensive squeeze pouches can be. Reusable ones are the perfect solution for your mom friend who makes her own baby food. I’ve bought a dozen different brands. Squeasy Gear is my favorite. Hands down.

6. An Assortment of Baby Bottles

Again, this could lead to your friend singing your praises. Some babies take to the bottle right away, others are much pickier and may never take a bottle. It could be the nipple, it could be the bottle, it could be the baby just never wants to say good-bye to mama. But if you give a variety of different bottles, your friend can try them all until one works. Comotomo, Mimijumi, Tommee Tippee, and Yoomi have worked well for my picky babies. I've also heard great things about Nanobebe. The innovative bottle shape preserves the nutrients in breastmilk by cooling and warming faster and more evenly…pretty much guaranteeing your baby's acceptance into Harvard.

7. Personalized Chair

Give a gift that will last for years. If you don’t know what the baby’s name will be, give a gift card to add it later.

8. ezpz Happy Mat

In just a few short months, baby will start eating solid foods. Which means mess, more mess, and thrown bowls and plates. The ezpz Happy Mat tries to keep all that in control by suctioning the divided placemat to the table.

9. Books

As stressful as those first few months with a baby are, they can also be boooooring. Give mama something to read to her child. Bright Baby has great picture books that parents can use to teach their child their first words. Or buy one of your favorite childhood books. Write and sign a message inside.

10. Otteroo's Cradling Towel

When a wet, wriggly newborn baby comes out of the tub, first-time parents are never too sure what to do. Our easy peasy cradling towel solves all of that. Just wrap the baby up in the apron-like towel and unlatch the towel from your neck. Simple. (Unlike everything else in parenting.)

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