Gift Guide for Baby's First Christmas

Gift Guide for Baby's First Christmas

Any parent knows that the only thing a 1-year old wants for Christmas is some electrical wires to chew on, and the cap at the end of the doorstop. Too bad you can't wrap that up and put it under the tree!! Instead, we have some better ideas.

Otteroo’s New Lumi Floatie

Okay, we know, we know, but winter is such a great time to fill up that tub and get your baby loving the comforting aspects of water! Especially now that we have launched our brand new Lumi! The ClearView design lets your baby see his or her hands and feet move in the water. Plus, we're offering two special bundles right now featuring our floaties + cradling towel!

Magnetic Building Toys

Magna-Tiles is the king of this category, but no matter which brand you buy, parents told us the same thing: get these toys now because your child will play with them for the next 10+ years. There aren't many toys you can say that about.

Money, Money, Money

There aren't many 1-year olds who actually NEED a whole lot of gifts, so a great way to show your love for them is through money. It doesn't have to be as emotionless as a check or cash. You can get creative: start a college fund for the baby, invest in bitcoin, a savings bond, or give them a coin set from the year of their birth.

Wooden Step Stool

Another gift that will be useful for years: a wooden step stool with the child's name carved in letters. All of my kids have received one as a gift. At 1, they delight in pulling the letters out and putting them back in. At 2, it helps them learn the letters that make up their name. At 3, it’s stationed in the bathroom so your child can reach the sink. (And, at 6, my son uses it to climb up on the counters to get his favorite snacks when I'm not looking.)

Collapsible Tunnel

It's crazy how the simplest things will entertain your child for hours. Parents repeatedly told us these tunnels were one of their child's favorite toys. It allows the baby to be active, be creative, and you can squish it up and throw it in the toy box when they're done.


Everyone knows crawlers love to open up the cabinets and pull everything out. Instead of fighting it, embrace it! Get the little baby in your life some stainless steel cups and bowls. They can stack them, nest them, knock them down, and start all over again. (And hopefully, leave yours alone.)

Start a Tradition

Pick something and go with it! Maybe it's time to start the tradition of giving a Christmas ornament each year. Or, start building a pearl necklace by giving the child a new bead each year. You could also do a charm bracelet and each year could represent something new in their life: footsteps for year 1, an apple representing preschool for year 2, and so on...

Ball Popper

You'd think parents would hate this kind of thing, but numerous parents told us that their child loved electronic ball poppers. Once its turned on, the device shoots out balls, you fill it up and it does it again. Boom, hours killed.

Learning Tower

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. This is the age that babies start to become a huge distraction while you're trying to cook dinner. Instead of trying to keep them away from you, include them in the process. The learning tower is a great way to teach your toddler a few things in the kitchen, and make them feel like they're part of what you're doing.


True for any age, books are always a great gift idea. At this age, indestructible board books are best. Bonus points for lift-up flaps or pages that allow the baby to feel and touch.

If all else fails, just wrap up some empty boxes. Unwrapping and wrapping is their favorite part. Happy Holidays!

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