Mom of Baby With Down Syndrome Shares Why She Bought an Otteroo

Mom of Baby With Down Syndrome Shares Why She Bought an Otteroo

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Disclaimer: Customer stories and testimonials on this page may speak to a customer’s individual experience with the Otteroo and their child’s impairment. These stories and testimonials may not reflect all Otteroo experiences. The Otteroo is intended to provide buoyancy to promote free movement in the water to support natural development and is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease or condition.

Katie Koivula spends hours on the internet searching for ways to help her son develop.

Brigston is 18 months old and has Down syndrome. When she saw another parent post a video of their child in the Otteroo floatie in an online Down syndrome support group, she decided to buy it despite her initial hesitation.

Katie tells us what she (and Brigston) think of the Otteroo.

Why did you decide to buy the Otteroo?

At that stage in his life (about a year old), he really didn’t use his hands very much. It took a lot to just do a simple thing, like bringing his hand up to grab a toy. I just thought ‘how neat,’ to see if he could float, kick his legs, experience buoyancy, and move his hands more.

Katie put Brigston in the Otteroo, and she says, “He just loved it.”

Here’s the video of him shaking his groove thing. (It’s had more than 5,000 views on Katie’s Instagram account!)

What was your reaction to Brigston’s experience in the Otteroo?

He can move his arms and legs more freely. It wasn’t as much work for him. I just thought it was really, really neat… I think for all kids, but especially for special needs kids.

Do you recommend the Otteroo to other parents?

I’ve told a bunch of people about it. I’ve had friends who also have kids with special needs who’ve bought it, as well. We’re all looking for something. We’re on the (special needs discussion) boards. We’re searching for anything that can help make our kids’ lives better. We’re willing to try anything.

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