Baby with Down Syndrome Lights Up When She Sees Her Otteroo

Baby with Down Syndrome Lights Up When She Sees Her Otteroo

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At 8 months old, Carrie Isabella is a "fish," according to her mom. A brain injury at birth and a diagnosis of Down syndrome, have caused some challenges in Carrie's young life, but she's all smiles when she is in the water. Her mom, Crystal, tells us all about it.

How did she respond the first time?

She was a little confused, just being in the water. Then when she started realizing that she could move and kick off, she just kept spinning around and just kicking off the tub and just enjoying herself like she was swimming.

How often does she go in it?

Since we got rid of the ostomy bag, we are giving her baths every other day. Then, she gets sponge baths the other days because of her feed tubes and her incision site.

Have you noticed her gaining any strength because of using it so often?

Yes, especially in her trunk, she's very strong in her legs. But, she is starting to use her arms more where she is using it to spin her body. She's exploring more of the bathtub with her hands instead of having them around her ring. She's gaining confidence and letting go of the ring and just letting her hands kind of float in the tub. I think once she really understands that she's good, she'll start maybe pushing off and that'll help with her arm strength.

Does she give you any cues to know that she knows that she's getting in the water?

Oh, yes! We start getting her undressed, and she's like, 'I hear water!' She starts getting happy and then she sees it and she's like wiggling and squirming, eyes bulge and everything. She gets this little smile on her face. Every now and then we get a little giggle out of her.

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