Meet Jenee: Snowboarding Buddy

Meet Jenee: Snowboarding Buddy

Soon after Otteroo founder Tiffany Chiu hired Jenee Li to help with social media, their professional relationship turned into a personal relationship. “We found out we both like snowboarding,” Jenee said. Next thing you know, Tiffany joined Jenee and some friends on a snowboarding trip to Salt Lake City. Tiffany recalls, “I didn’t know anyone, but it was a really fun trip.” When Tiffany decided to do a daring jump on the slopes, Jenee was motivated to try it too.

That competitive spirit also spurs them to do their best in the workplace. Tiffany met Jenee through a mutual friend when she found out Jenee was doing digital marketing work and had a great visual aesthetic. Tiffany hired Jenee to do the same for Otteroo. That was in 2014 and now Jenee says, “I do a little of everything, but mostly on the creative and digital marketing side.”

In the spring of 2016, Jenee was able to try the Otteroo on her own son, Milo, when she became a mother for the first time. “He loved it! He got to move and do a lot of stuff that he couldn’t on land as a two and a half month old,” she says of his experiences in the water. “It was exciting to watch him discover what his arms and legs can do.” Even out of the tub, Milo loved using the Otteroo to practice bearing weight on his arms and legs and playing peekaboo through the floatie’s opening.

Jenee loves that she’s been able to grow alongside Otteroo. Her favorite parts of the job are being involved in all aspects of the company and helping make a difference in other children’s lives. “Seeing babies with special needs discover independent mobility hits close to home. My brother has Down syndrome, and it took him a little longer to reach developmental milestones. The Otteroo would’ve been a great workout for him!"

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