Otteroo Lumi Baby Float Product

Bye Bye Awkward Hold!

Our unique design allows your baby to rest their chin comfortably while buoyancy reduces their weight in water. With your free hands, bath time is now full of possibilities!

Baby in Otteroo with Toy

Hello, World!

Unencumbered, your baby is free to explore. Your heart will melt at the sight of their pure joy as they interact with and view the world on their own for the very first time.

Diagram on Baby Neck Float Safety

It’s a Party for 2 (or More)!

No longer tasked with holding your baby, you’re now free to attend the party! Splash, sing, share a toy… What will you and your baby’s favorite bath activity be?

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Diagram on Baby Neck Float Safety

Not Convinced by the Smiles?

See how science explains why baby’s big head and oh-so-cute chubbiness means there‚Äôs virtually no weight or strain placed on the baby when floating in the water with Otteroo.

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