Still on the Fence?

Learn how Otteroo can make bathing your baby easier & why it’s so great for you & your baby!

#1 Free Hands for Fun, Easier Baths!

No more worrying about holding a slippery, squirmy baby! Your hands are free to wash and play, making bath time super fun and easy! It’s also a lot easier on your back and knees when you don’t need to bend over the whole time..  

And for all fussy babies out there, floating in warm water is so soothing and relaxing, your baby will be calm STAT..

#2 Unexpected Benefits For Baby’s Brain!

Did you know that Otteroo lets babies access all kinds of learning opportunities earlier than they ever would otherwise? For example, babies usually don’t hear new phrases like “come here” and learn that they can go places on their own by moving until they can crawl!

#3 Work Up an Appetite & Tire Out Baby

All that new sensory stimulation, kicking, splashing and trying new milestone activities will tire your baby out while working up a healthy appetite. Moms often tell us that their babies eat better and sleep longer after Otteroo baths.