Helpful Tips

baby-with-mother-copyHere are a few other things to keep in mind when using your Otteroo!

Proper Inflation

As is the case with all inflatable products, proper inflation is critical to ensuring the structural integrity of the floatie and preventing accidents. Inflate both the top and bottom air inlets, starting with the bottom inlet. The floatie should feel firm once inflated. The two circular openings will still remain flexible so that the floatie can spread outwards for easy placement on the baby’s neck.
*** To test for proper inflation: Fasten the buckles, then place your palm in the area near the buckles on the inner rim of the floatie, diagonally across from the chin rest, and push away from the center. If the Otteroo is properly inflated, you should experience some resistance and not be able to easily push out or expand the interior space.

Air Leakage

Prior to EACH use, check for air leakage by inflating the Otteroo. Then, completely immerse the inflated floatie into a large container of water such as in the bathtub or sink (clear, no bubbles) to check for any air bubbling from the floatie that may indicate air leakage.

Water Level

Fill the bathtub with enough water so that the baby’s body is entirely immersed in the water but the feet can still touch the bottom of the tub. Feeling the bottom of the tub with the feet provides the baby with a sense of security especially when trying out a new object. The depth allows the baby to “walk” around the tub.

Proper Placement

When placed properly, the baby’s chin should be cradled on the cushioned chin rest. The Otteroo should feel snug and comfortable around the baby’s neck. If your baby starts to cry or fuss, it could be a sign that the floatie is not positioned properly or the baby just isn’t in the mood for the Otteroo or bath. When in doubt, take the Otteroo off and try again later.
*** Finger test. If properly placed, your index finger should not fit easily between the baby’s neck and inner rim of the floatie.

Active Baby & Safety

Active Baby & Safety: If you have an active baby who likes to kick and jump around the tub causing the Otteroo to hit the sides of the tub repetitively or with force, move to a bigger tub. Like with any inflatable product, excessive and repetitive force can cause the air valves to unlatch, the seams to break, buckles to unlatch, or cause other damage that will weaken the Otteroo.