Developmental Tidbits

Get the most out of your Otteroo! Support your baby's motor, social & cognitive development with these tips and activities.

Has your 6-9-month-old baby started crying every time you leave the room? Good news! This means he has developed an attachment and trust in you. He has also developed a better understanding of object permanence, … READ MORE

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Otteroo and Hand-Eye Coordination

Have you noticed how grabby your baby has become now that she’s 3-6 month old? It’s all perfectly normal! At this age, her curiosity has grown drastically thanks to her improved vision and mobility. As … READ MORE

Having watched you for the last 6-9 months, boy, has your baby been learning a lot! Try a simple experiment. Get your baby’s attention and wave “Hello” to her. Does she try to wave back? … READ MORE

Did you know your baby will start understanding emotions as early as 3 months old? It’s true! At this age, his receptive language skills, or the skills necessary to understand language, is developing. He’s also … READ MORE