Developmental Tidbits

Get the most out of your Otteroo! Support your baby's motor, social & cognitive development with these tips and activities.

WHAT IS REACHING? Reaching is one of the first skills where your little one intentionally engages with their environment. It generally happens around 4-5 months but can happen as early as 3 months.  A few … READ MORE

tummy time in pool with otteroo floatie

As a new parent, you may be sick of hearing the phrase tummy time. Your little one hates it. You dread it, and you barely have the time… 60 minutes a day is a LOT. … READ MORE

Ways to Calm Baby Tips

When I first welcomed my son, Langston, to the world back in 2011, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. When I confided in my friend, Melissa, she assured me that most new … READ MORE

What have you been saying around your baby for the last 9 months? Don’t remember? Not a problem! Because she’s been listening to you keenly and will be saying what she’s heard and learned from … READ MORE

Do you have to keep a closer eye on your 6-9-month-old baby’s movements these days? Does he often surprise you with new actions, like grabbing the shiny new necklace you’re wearing? Congratulations, he’s making his … READ MORE

You have to see it to believe it. That’s a 4-month-old baby standing on his own. Yes, 4 months old. A dozen infants in Iceland all started standing between the ages of 3-5 months. What’s … READ MORE