Meet Sherry: The Co-Sister-in-Law

Sherry Liao has something major in common with Otteroo founder, Tiffany: Stanley, their nephew. As the sister-in-law of Tiffany’s brother, Sherry has heard about Otteroo since its inception. Now she’s getting her own baby, Alvin, … READ MORE

Meet Jenee: Snowboarding Buddy

Soon after Otteroo founder Tiffany Chiu hired Jenee Li to help with social media, their professional relationship turned into a personal relationship. “We found out we both like snowboarding,” Jenee said. Next thing you know, … READ MORE

Meet Emi: The Former Roommate

Have you ever seen the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”? Emi Kamiya could have written the script. Her first job out of college was working in a fashion closet at a major fashion magazine. “That … READ MORE

Meet Tiffany: #GirlBoss

“I’m a really good matchmaker,” Otteroo Founder Tiffany Chiu proudly states. “I really like connecting people. To people, to jobs, you name it,” she explains when asked how she picked her team of employees. Surrounding … READ MORE

Meet Eleanor: The Running Buddy

You would think it would be hard to draw any parallels between Eleanor Lee’s current job with Otteroo and her previous career, “I was an Intelligence Officer with the Defense Department.” While working in Washington … READ MORE