Will my local pool allow us to use the Otteroo floatie?

They should!

Like Otteroo, lifeguards are committed to protecting children’s safety; however, this sometimes means that they are quick to reject the new and the unfamiliar regardless of how safe and beneficial it may be when used properly.

If a lifeguard or another vocal, opinionated parent confronts you, we recommend you show the guard and the pool manager the Otteroo website and our ABC7 interview. Mention that Otteroo is a pediatrician-approved product. It may also help to stress that Otteroo is only to be used when a parent is within arm’s reach of the child and the parent should never take their eyes off the baby while in it.

As always, with anything baby related, it is better to be safe and follow the local rules that are probably there for good reason, rather than winning an argument.

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