What if my baby starts to fuss when I put on the Otteroo? Any tips?

There are some things you can do get your little one used to it:

1. Inflate the Otteroo, and let your baby touch and feel it on land.
2. If they are not opposed to playing with the Otteroo, try to wear it yourself to show your baby that it can be worn around the neck.
3. Try placing the floatie gently around your baby’s neck so they can get used to the feel of wearing it on land.

Also, we have noticed that at times, babies are shocked when they are first dipped into the pool because of the colder water temperature – and it’s not so much about the Otteroo. So we strongly suggest that parents acclimate the babies to the pool temperature for a few minutes before putting the Otteroo on; that way they don’t associate Otteroo with the temperature shock.

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