My baby didn’t kick or move around much when I put her in the tub. What kind of reaction should I expect the first few times?

Most of our parents tell us that their baby’s initial reaction to floating independently is one of confused awe but every baby is different. Some babies only take a few seconds to get accustomed to floating on their own while others may take one or two sessions before they start easing up and enjoying the experience. Some babies, especially those past the 5-6 month mark, may cry the first time because it is an unusual sensation and foreign object to them and by then, they have learned to fear what they are not used to. Or, they simply might not be in the mood for something new that day. In this case, don’t force it. Wait a few minutes or till the next bath time to try again and see how it goes! No matter, once they get over this hurdle, they will start to discover all the things that they can do and start having fun!

Ultimately, almost all babies end up loving their daily Otteroo time so don’t get too discouraged if your first experience is not picture perfect! You can always try again when you feel their mood and the timing is right!

If you want to take your baby to the pool, we highly recommend that you first get the baby accustomed to using the Otteroo in the familiar, warm setting that is your tub. Also make sure the water is just the right temperature (please click here for information on temperature).

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