How do I know whether I put the Otteroo properly on my baby?

Make sure that you inflate the Otteroo fully and that the air inlet(s) is fully closed and pushed in. The floatie should feel firm once inflated but the two circular openings near the buckles should remain flexible so that the floatie can spread outwards for easier placement around the baby’s neck. If properly inflated, your finger should NOT easily slip in between the baby’s neck and inner rim of the floatie.

When placed properly, the baby’s chin should be cradled on the cushioned chin rest. The Otteroo should feel snug and comfortable around the baby’s neck. If your baby starts to cry or fuss, it could be a sign that the floatie is not positioned properly or the baby isn’t in the mood for something new today. When in doubt, always take the Otteroo off and try again later.

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