Premature Baby Uses Otteroo for Physical Therapy Exercises

Just before Yuli reached her 36th week of pregnancy, she gave birth to her daughter, Sianna. That premature birth caused Sianna to stay in the NICU for three weeks. Doctors discovered that she had hypotonia and seizures. Sianna now works with speech, physical, occupational, and feeding therapists to overcome some of these challenges.

Did you buy the Otteroo to help your daughter’s development?

No, l purchased it at the beginning of my pregnancy because I thought it was something fun to put in the pool!

Did you try the Otteroo as soon as you could?

For her hypotonia, we were supposed to put her in the water to make her more flexible. But, when I put her in the bathtub she would cry and have seizure-like episodes and we’d have to go to the emergency room. So, now I take her to the pool or jacuzzi and use the Otteroo and she loves it. It’s been a big change for us to be honest.

What do her therapists say about using the Otteroo?

My therapist told me it was a great idea because in a lot of places babies like my daughter would have aquatic therapy, but it’s not available where I live. I’ve been using the Otteroo for three months now and I have noticed big changes. She can move her arms and legs so much more. She used to be tight, but in the water she moves her arms and legs like she’s swimming.

What have you noticed when you put your daughter in the Otteroo?

All of the movements that she is supposed to be doing in physical therapy and occupational therapy, she is easily able to do in the water. The water makes it so much easier for her and me too. She thinks that we are playing around and having fun. She’s always happy in there.

Julie Forbes