Otteroo Baby Siblings!

Otteroo fans know that bath time is double (and triple!!) the fun when it’s shared with siblings! And can we say major photo op…moms!? Check out these five adorable sibling sets who are sharing the tub together!

1. Bath Time Fun with Big Sis

Photo credit: @maggie229

Madison, 4, is being such a great older sister to Keira, 10 months in Pasadena, CA.

2. From Womb Mates to Bath Mates!

Photo Credit: @yoregirl13

7-month-old twins, Paisley and Piper, are exploring the tub together in Kellner, Wisconsin. Too cute!!

3. Late Night “Swimming”

Photo Credit: @makeupbysanrn

These two sissies are enjoying a late-night “swim” together.

4. Just Lounging Around

Photo Credit: @ddreps

Posey James, 9 months, is just kickin’ back, relaxing with 4-year-old big sis, Piper Clementine in San Marcos, TX.

5. Everybody in the Tub!

Photo Credit: @julieplusfour

No tub is too small for the Julie Plus 4 crew.  All attention on Otteroo Baby Booker!

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Julie Forbes