Meet Sherry: The Co-Sister-in-Law

Sherry Liao has something major in common with Otteroo founder, Tiffany: Stanley, their nephew. As the sister-in-law of Tiffany’s brother, Sherry has heard about Otteroo since its inception. Now she’s getting her own baby, Alvin, comfortable in the water using the Otteroo.

How did you start working for Otteroo?

I have known about Otteroo since the beginning when Tiffany was inspired to create a neck floatie for our nephew Stanley (my older sister is married to Tiffany’s brother). So I witnessed Otteroo grow from a concept into an actual product. When things got busier and busier for Tiffany, I started helping her with daily operations like customer service. I officially joined the Otteroo team and took on more responsibilities, especially when Eleanor and Jenee went on maternity leave.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is definitely when I receive feedback from parents who share photos and videos of their playful babies happily bouncing and splashing in the water wearing Otteroo. It makes my day to see all those happy babies out there, and I’m happy that we are offering parents a product that they can use with full confidence.

What do you think of the Otteroo?

When Tiffany introduced Otteroo to me, I thought it was so amazing! I’m grateful to be part of the company, seeing our product grow and make a lot of babies and parents very happy.

Tell us what you think of Tiffany.

Tiffany is one of the most positive people I know! Every time I talk to her, she is always full of optimistic energy and helps me put my negative thoughts behind me. I also admire her and have a lot of respect for her as a boss and as a friend. I am truly amazed at how she is always able to find time to exercise and keeping a consistent routine regardless how busy her schedule is.

Where do you see Otteroo in ten years?

I see Otteroo becoming a leader in the floatie product category, and a household name that describes floaties for babies. Just like when people refer to a black marker as a Sharpie, people are already referring to floaties for babies as an Otteroo.

Julie Forbes