Amazing Race Star Rob Strauss Gives His Twin Sons a Workout in the Otteroo

You may know Rob Strauss from “The Amazing Race.” Or, you may know him by his ring name, Robbie E., on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). But, his twin sons know him as “dad.” And, Otteroo knows him as one of our biggest fans.

Rob’s twins are 3 months old and are already enjoying the tub with the Otteroo floatie. He told us why Cash and Carter (OMG, how cute are those names!?) love their daily ritual.

How did you hear about the Otteroo?

We saw it on Facebook and it looked really cool! We wanted to be able to try it with the twins. They love it! Both of our sons love to kick their feet and float around the tub.

Does your interest in fitness inspire you to get your sons active?

100%. Both my and my wife’s careers are founded in fitness. It is both our career and our lifestyle. It is important to us to share this positive trait with our boys from the start.

Your hands must be full with twins. Does the Otteroo make bath time easier?

Yes! The boys love to float in their Otteroos, and it also allows us to play with one, while the other floats safely.

Does the Otteroo help the boys bond?

It definitely does. They are able to float and make eye contact with one another.

Julie Forbes