Small Floatie. Big Difference.

Lumi, a Class 1 medical device, is a pediatric therapy tool for a wide range of conditions.

Watch these babies defy the odds and thrive beyond medical expectations!


Read more stories that exemplify how babies with physical challenges are moving with Otteroo.

Toddler with Spina Bifida in Otteroo Baby Neck Float

Spina Bifida

Baby with SMA Type I in Otteroo Baby Neck Float

SMA Type I

Baby with Down Syndrome in Otteroo Baby Neck Float

Down Syndrome

Child with Traumatic Brain Injury in Otteroo Baby Neck Float

Traumatic Brain Injury

Child with Brain Hemorrhage Using Otteroo Baby Neck Float for Pediatric Aquatic Therapy

Brain Hemorrhage

Toddler with Cerebral Palsy in Otteroo Baby Neck Float

Cerebral Palsy

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